Séance 2C IBTN 2020 : Gender Differences in Drinking to Cope with the Pandemic: Associations of COVID-19-related perceived threat and psychological distress to drinking behaviours in women vs. men

Durée : 16 minutes

Présentée par Sherry Stewart, PhD

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Nos conférenciers ont eu la gentillesse de répondre à des questions du public qui avaient été laissées sans réponses pendant la période de discussion.

  1. Question de Jovana Stojanovic – Were you able to evaluate socio-cultural constructs of gender, in addition to sex variable in your analysis?

Unfortunately, we were not able to as we did not assess sex and gender separately. I would speculate that the role strain that may be driving the increased coping-related drinking in women during the pandemic may be due to gendered roles. More specifically, I expect that women are absorbing a greater degree of the burden of managing things like homeschooling children and increased household tasks while all members of the family are sheltering in place on top of working from home during the pandemic. This requires more research to tease apart.

Sherry H. Stewart, conférencière
  1. Question de Linda Carlson – I agree that role strain between work and home schooling/discipline is a primary cause of stress for women at home now. Do you have data on who was working from home and who was not working in this sample?

For reasons pertaining to the main study in which this was embedded, one criterion for getting into the study was that participants had to be working at least 20 hours a week. We do not have data on this sample on who was working from home during the pandemic, unfortunately. We do know that 2/3 of the sample had at least one child at home during the pandemic. In our next study (just launching) we are asking about role strain, working from home, and details about homeschooling.

Sherry H. Stewart, conférencière

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